Ephemeric Cloud Documentation

Ephemeric cloud is a platform for publishing web applications developed with Pharo. The platform provides a developer with REST API and Pharo Library to manage instances and publish new Pharo Images.

Ephemeric cloud is readonly "Just In Time" cloud implementation which means that application VMs run only when they are used allowing to manage big number of published Images at low datacenter costs.

A glimpse of PharoCloud


$ curl get.pharo.org | bash
$ ./pharo Pharo.image config http://smalltalkhub.com/mc/mikefilonov/EphemericCloudAPI/main ConfigurationOfEphemericCloudAPI --install=stable
$ ./pharo Pharo.image eval "|client| client := EphemericCloudClient userID: '$EPHUSER' authToken: '$EPHTOKEN'. (client publishSelfAs: 'glimpse') ifTrue:[ZnServer startOn: 8080] ifFalse: [client lastPublishedInstance hostname]"



What is Ephemeric Cloud and why we develop it.

Getting Started

Instructions for subscribing and configuring Ephemeric cloud account and publishing your first image to the cloud.

Ephemeric Instances

Description of basic properties of Ephemeric instance and Image Archive file.

Remote debug with PharmIDE

How to remotely debug your published images.

Configurable Cloud Environment

How to connect an ephemeric instance to remote services (like databases) using configurable cloud environment.


REST API reference

REST API reference

Pharo Library Reference

Pharo library reference

Use Cases

Suggestions, corrections

If you found a typo, or want to propose a change to the documentation, contact us at https://github.com/mikefilonov/ephemeric-docs