REST API reference

Ephemeric cloud REST API is a collection of HTTP requests designed to manage your cloud. Requests work with JSON format to respond your calls.

The REST API objects are:

Objects are grouped in tree structure: <user>/<ephemeric>/<property>. User object is identified by userID which is given to your account after registration process. Ephemeric instance is identified by hostname (eg.:

API end-point

The following endpoint is used to access root object of a user:<userID>


Authentification can be done by basic HTTP authentification header or by adding auth query parameter to URL request. Ex:<userID>?auth=<authToken>


The list of REST API calls are as follows:


How to create ephemeric with CURL

curl -X POST --data-binary -H "Content-Type: application/zip"  -H "X-Name: Documentation"<user>?auth=<token>


Video Sceencast: Ephemeric cloud: publishing StoryBoard application with CURL